Press Totalizer

Order Management

Streamlined ordering of all press jobs and post press work.


Identify best production windows and avoid planning conflicts with complete visibility of all resources. Balance the entire production workflow from prepress printing, packaging and distribution. Realtime status of live jobs. Maintains history of all work for forecasting future repeat work.

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Holds and Approvals

Place accounting holds on commercial jobs to prevent release for printing.


Automated job estimates based on manufacturing cost and predefined pricing templates.

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Automatic generation of job invoices.

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Automatic Totalizing

Direct machine interface provides realtime copy counts, actual waste and production status.

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Auto Stop and Press Balancing

Auto stop press to reduce overruns and shortages. Balance common jobs printing across multiple presses.

Live Monitoring

View live production from anywhere.

Alarms and Alerts

Automatic Job defined generation of alarms and alerts to managers, maintenance and distribution.


Track processing issues and productivity related to editorial, imaging and plate workflow. Track on-hand plate and ink inventories. Plate consumption and damage reporting.


Distribution productivity and identify issues. Track distribution times, trucks, mileage, driver’s, carts, skids to and from distribution centers and deliveries.

Job Run Sheet

Automatically generates Job Run Sheet for each completed production.

Automated Email Production Reports

Subscribe to the daily production report to automatically receive job defined production reports to your email.

Performance Reports

Data driven performance evaluations to identify performance issues (equipment, maintenance, process, training) Common data statistics of jobs, press, crew, shifts, plants, web breaks, stock verification impressions per ton and stop reasons.

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TOTALNET is the only (SaaS) web-based production management system used in daily printing and post-press operations today. TOTALNET seamlessly connects your business systems with existing production equipment and operations for maximum efficiency.