Package Manager

Insertion Packages

Package planning made simple. Packages automatically built from Inventory preprints for each publication. Zoning and distribution patterns automatically updated with new and changing carrier route draws. Seamless integration with circulation and advertising systems.

Direct Inserter Machine Interface

Send packages, runs and setups directly to machines. Save time and errors at Inserter console manually entering packages and runs. Eliminate hopper assignments, piece specifications size, thickness, miss limits, double limits, bundle size, turns and key bundles.

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Automatically generates Insert picklist. Stage and validate picks from inventory to Inserter using mobile scanner.

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Automatically deducts used pieces from inventory. Seamless restocking unused pieces returned to warehouse.

Performance Reporting

Automatically pulls and archives all machine production data. Tracks and reports production issues related to specific Insert title. Provides live and historical performance statistics.

TOTALNET is the only (SaaS) web-based production management system used in daily printing and post-press operations today. TOTALNET seamlessly connects your business systems with existing production equipment and operations for maximum efficiency.