Newsprint Manager


Purchase Order generation. Streamlined corporate approvals and order verification with suppliers.


Real-time visibility of shipments to all warehousing and production plants.

Receiving and Warehousing

Receipt verification of physical rolls using wireless scanners at dock. Seamless logistics of all internal storage and external warehousing. Barcoded locations and staging lanes.

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Simplified damage claim process.

Inventory On-Hand

Real-time visibility of entire Inventory and value. by roll product, BOL, supplier, PO, manufacture date, aging, mill, partial rolls and locations. Historical look back at inventory levels at any point in time.

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Simplified real-time roll consumption recorded at real stands using wireless scanners.

Jobs Cost

Automatic reporting actual paper usage and cost by press run. Stock verification impressions to weight.

Paper Performance

Automatic Web-break tracking. Identify paper performance issues by Roll Product, Mill, Press and Reasons.

Newsprint Costing

Delivery costing, Historical and supplier price tracking.

Share and Transfer

Seamlessly share stock with sister plants. Sell and transfer out unused stock from inventory.


Tracks historical paper orders from scheduled work.

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